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39,99 AED


Soaked cashews, organic coconut cream, organic maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, vanilla extract, vegan butter, vanilla beans, fresh raspberries, almond flour, rice flour, salt, baking soda, date syrup, filtered water.
Nutrition Facts per 100 grams: Calories 381 kcal, fat 19.4 grams, of which 9.9 grams are saturated, cholesterol 18.2 milligrams, sodium 172 milligrams, carbohydrates 49.6 grams, fiber 6.2 grams, sugar 28.9 grams, protein 6 grams.
Allergy warnings: The product contains cashews, and almonds.
Storage Conditions: Keep refrigerated at a temperature (2 – 5)
Net weight: 175 grams